Crazy Fit



Crazy Fit Massage is the amazing whole body vibration training system that helps you attain your weight loss, body shaping and fitness goals- fast ! Vibration training can achieve the same results in just a fraction of the time compared to conventional fitness training methods. With only 10-15 minutes per day and the MINIMUM of EFFORT you will have all the benefits of a full intensive strength workout ! These futuristic vibration fitness plates help you TONE UP, SLIM DOWN , INCREASE CIRCULATION , ACCELERATE FAT LOSS and REDUCE THE VISABLE APPEARANCE OF CELLULITE . But you don't need to spend thousands - now YOU can afford the latest breakthrough in weight loss and fitness Technology.


Latest High Tech Panel

Free Power Straps included

Genuine 1000w Guaranteed

Work out and Instruction Manual

99 Speeds

Auto and Manual Programs

Calorie and BMI Index Counter

Speakers for MP3 , ipod or iphone

Power Drive System

S&S Tanseekers Ltd are pleased to offer the Power Plate¨∆ Hire service for a minimum period of 4 weeks. Long term hire arrangements are available.

Why not take advantage of some great package offers. This can include Hire of a Sunbed, Hire of a Power P late or a Collagen Therapy Unit. Any combination is available and offers great savings.


Power Plate hire machines are available for delivery to your home. They must be set up on the ground floor. It is not possible to arrange delivery of a Power Plate machine to a flat.

The machine should be set-up on a hard, level surface in an area free of obstructions within at least three feet of the vibration platform.

The machine should not be used outdoors, near a pool or any source of water or extreme humidity.


Burning fat, metabolism, improves blood circulation, reduces the orange peel effect, reduces cellulite, increases muscle strength, muscle toning, oxygen intake, cleansing of toxins, bowel movements, body positioning, sense of wellbeing, sleep patterns, reduces weight, improves flexibility, increases bone mineral density, increases balance & co-ordination, decreases cortisol levels.


This revolutionary piece of equipment has been all the rage with celebrities who claim that the oscillating platform has transformed their bodies with minimal effort. The whole concept of losing weight and getting into shape simply by standing on a vibration plate has invited huge media attention.


DO NOT USE VIBRATION PLATE MACHINES if think you may be pregnant or if you have any known medical condition or any physical limitation on your ability to exercise.

Before beginning an exercise program we strongly recommend consulting a doctor before using Vibration Plate machines.

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